With the new culture of content, there is a shift in the kinds of skills that are necessary.

Garrison Keilor, who does the NPR show “A Prairie Home Companion” likes to make fun of English Majors for their lack of job prospects. (Even though he is one!) He invented a fictitious organization called POEM – the Professional Organization of English Majors – to support them in their floundering.

But in all seriousness, writing and creative thinking are critical skills in the growing world of content marketing.

I just listened to an interview between my business mentor, Fabienne Frederickson, who has created a multi-million dollar business and Amy Cosper, the Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and Media. It turns out that Fabienne majored in French Literature and Amy majored in Art History!

They took some time to talk about the virtues of a liberal arts education, and the value that is gained by learning to look at things from different perspectives, analyze things, and express your thoughts clearly, both in written and spoken form.

I practically jumped for joy!

I have a confession to make. I majored in African Cultural Studies. It was actually a major I pieced together by taking classes in history, music, dance, language, and studying abroad. I often tell people that I am a poster child for a liberal arts education.

The value of learning to communicate and connect is immeasurable.

I understand that everyone isn’t wired like this.

But those of us who are should not be forced to climb the same ladder as everyone else. Majoring in engineering or business may increase your chances of getting a predictable job in a particular field, but it does not mean that you will be happier or more successful.

Now, I realize that we aren’t in college anymore. And I’m not proposing that you go back to school.

But it is never too late to learn these kinds of things and hone your skills of creative thinking, writing, and communicating. I believe the world is your classroom.  Your business is your classroom. Experience is your teacher.

Learn by doing. Don’t expect to learn how to do this from a coach, or from a book. We can help you with a lot of things. We can give you direction, we can hold you accountable, we can help you get exposure for your content.

But creating content is something YOU have to DO. And you will learn as you go.

So register for your Content Creation Course now. It takes place once a week, so put it on your calendar, and meet yourself there. You’ll be amazed at what you will discover.



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