On Wednesday, December 11th I am hosting a free Teleseminar on How To Create An Awesome Free Opt-In Offer. 

Do you have specific questions about creating an Opt-In Offer that you would like me to address in the call? Have you been struggling to create an Opt-in? Or procrastinating? What is holding you back?

Please post your questions and struggles in the comments below and I will do my best to address them during our call.

If you aren't registered for the teleseminar yet, be sure to sign up here and join us on December 11th. 

Thanks so much and I'll talk to you soon!



12/06/2013 11:20am

I've been creating an opt-in offer with you for several weeks now. Overall I'm really really pleased with the results. However, now my website seems too flat for the opt-in offer, as I and my ideas of the company have grown during this process. What do you suggest?
My second question is what do I do once I offer the opt-in offer?


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03/12/2017 11:23pm

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03/17/2017 5:28am

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05/29/2017 7:11am

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